A month of...not very much


There hasn't been very much in the way of writing this month. I have a quick preview of God of War: Ascension in Hyper this month, but not much else. I've been working on an upcoming feature for Hyper that'll be out in a couple of issues, so for now this is it.

At my personal blog, I wrote a quick post on XCOM. Ben at the Penny Arcade Report was nice enough to link to that in one of his own pieces, so I assume he thinks it isn't totally terrible! You can have a read here. 

I've also written a new post there about how we play games much, much too fast, and why we need to slow down.

So, not much this month, but I've been working on a couple of big projects that will be published soon. So, as hard as it is, try to control your excitement.