And yet another podcast

Podcast Image.jpg

Considering how nervous I was about the last podcast going up, I expected to be just as anxious this time. But over 100 people either downloaded or streamed the Simon Parkin episode, and a conversation with Kirk Hamilton did just as well! 

So far the Kirk Hamilton episode is topping Simon's ep, (not that it's a competition), thanks to some strategically placed retweets! So thanks to everyone who give the episode a shout-out, I really appreciate it.

I haven't updated with a lot of writing recently, mostly because I've been working on two major projects. The first is a feature on stealth games for Hyper that'll appear at the end of the month, and the second is something a little secret I can't reveal until the end of the week.

Also, a professional update: I'm now the deputy editor of SmartCompany. Here's hoping they don't discover I've been faking journalism all the years and have been using a word generator to write my articles. Huzzah!