A random suite of writing updates


Rather than just post about one update, I’ve had a few different things published so I thought I’d include them in just one, long update. That means more for everyone! Huzzah!

The first thing I should mention is my big piece in Eurogamer about Alex Hutchinson, the creative director of Assassin’s Creed III. Above all else, I was really impressed with the way Hutchinson is attacking ACIII as a way to inject more progressive ideas in gaming. Specifically, the use of a native American character is really great, and Ubisoft has taken pains to ensure they’re not offending anyone who might be of that heritage. Really great stuff. The gameplay is looking pretty good too.


The second batch of writing is in the latest issue of Hyper, #227. I have a Q&A with one of the developers of XCOM, which is looking fantastic, and a preview of the new Need for Speed. Both of these were based on interviews I conducted while at E3. Need for Speed in particular is looking really great, the use of an open world is really well suited to that arcade-style driving. I’m not sure it’ll be one I’ll pick up and play myself but for Burnout Paradise fans it’s a good match.

Lastly, I have a piece in Games.On.Net about Spec Ops and how it’s raised the bar for other military shooters – and how we shouldn’t put up with empty commentary any more. Enough has already been written about why Spec Ops is such a great commentary on military shooters and gamers, but I think we should go a step further. The genre is so saturated with crap already that we shouldn’t put up with anything that doesn’t offer something critical. So, either give something new, or don’t give anything at all and remain neutral.

But hey, feel free to disagree! I welcome any and all discussions or debates. The comments on the story certainly show this isn’t a clear-cut issue.

Those are all the updates for now – see you on the other side.