Kotaku Aus – How does co-op impact narrative?

Kotaku Au is one of the biggest gaming websites in the world, and editor Mark Serrels has been kind enough to publish one of my articles for the “Let Off Some Steam” section, focusing on how co-op campaigns affect the narrative a game is trying to reveal.

Here’s an extract:

It seems there are two very different types of co-operative campaigns being developed now, and two recent games exemplify the pros and cons of both approaches – Modern Warfare 2 and Portal 2. Both represent either end of the spectrum when it comes to co-operative story-telling. One is heavy on exposition, context and dialogue, while the other is stand-alone, more focused on the goal than the telling of the story.
But perhaps this approach ignores narrative opportunity.

The Kotaku version of the article is available here, which is also the same as the version on Problem With Story. The post is also on the front page of BitMob, and that version is available here.