Kotaku Aus: Video game movies are not doomed


A few weeks ago Kotaku posted an opinion piece by David Rayfield on why video game movies are doomed.

I posted a response, arguing that not only are video game movies not doomed, we should expect to see the first major quality adaptation within the next five or 10 years. My argument boils down to this – that it took time for the comic book industry to develop a good adaptation, and it will take time for video games as well.

It’s difficult to argue for the future of video game movies. Most of them have been mediocre at very best; utterly terrible at worst. It’s certainly not a common view to hold that Hollywood will someday bring forth a piece of cinema worthy of the video game industry.
But I’m optimistic.

The full article is available on Kotaku here – I’d encourage you to have a read, and add your thoughts as well.