SmartCompany – The Changing Face of Apps

One of my new features has been published on SmartCompany, about the transformation currently taking place in the mobile apps space. The industry is slowly changing from being controlled by smaller, individual developers to a market of big-budget powerhouses.

I spoke to a number of high-profile app makers in this story, including Firemint chief executive Rob Murrray and Alphonso Labs co-founder Akshay Kothari. Theygave fascinating insight into how the apps market is changing.

Robert Murray, chief executive of Melbourne-based iOS studio Firemint, which rocketed to success after creating the multi-million dollar hit Flight Control, says the market is definitely changing in favour of higher quality content.
For games, there’s definitely a stronger demand for more content, deeper gameplay and richer experiences. Apps are getting bigger, they are taking more time to make and the feature expectations of consumers are growing.

The full article is available on SmartCompany here.