Dabbling with a little music...


A few writing updates!

While much of my time has been spent with organising my E3 trip, among a few other freelancing ventures, a few updates are warranted.

Firstly, I've managed to peek out of my games journalism cocoon and interviewed Christian music artist Audrey Assad for Christianity Today about her decision to abandon her record deal, and Kickstart a project to record worship music for use in Churches.

Audrey was a treasure to speak with, I could have filled thousands of words with our conversations. And in fact, look for a longer profile piece on Assad in the June print issue of Christianity today.

Also in Australian magazine news, the current issue of Hyper - June - has my review of Heart of the Swarm. Consequently, I've spent more time trying to improve my ranking on the SC leagues. It's much harder now than when the first game came out in 2010.

And with that, I'm away. With E3 coming soon, updates will be warranted shortly!