Polygon - Small Town Man


I've written another feature for Polygon, this time making up the last entry in its consistently good "Human Angle" series of stories. 

About 18 months ago, I interviewed Rob Wiethoff, who performed asJohn Marston in Red Dead Redemption. I found him to be a really great guy, very easy to talk to. He even freely gave me his number and told me to call him to chat. That never happens.

So I decided to follow up recently on a different story. I noticed when we first spoke he had moved to Indiana - an odd place for an actor. As it turns out, Wiethoff hated Los Angeles and wanted to move as soon as Red Dead was done. 

Why did he hate Los Angeles? You'll have to read the story, and watch the subsequent video, to find out.

Speaking of the video, Polygon features editor Russ Pitts first put to me the idea of a video when I made this pitch. I hadn't actually seen any of it until the story was published today - and I'm blown away. It's amazing. This is very much two stories, here. My text and Polygon's video. But they are intertwined. I'm just hoping the quality of my prose can match that video, and really, the whole "Human Angle" series too. There's some great stuff in there. 

So please, go to the site and check out both the story and the video. Wiethoff is a great guy, with a great family. He deserves a few minutes of your attention.