Writing updates, from on the ground at E3

I've just landed in Los Angeles. In order to avoid succumbing to jet lag, I've made myself post a couple of updates about my writing and some other projects. 

First thing's first, over at Christianity Today my profile piece on Audrey Assad is now online and in the June edition of the magazine. However, the full piece is also available online! Check it out here. Audrey was just wonderful to speak with and I'm looking forward to how her project progresses. 

Up second, I have a piece on co-op gaming in the latest edition of Hyper magazine. Which is also now available on iOS! So people outside of Australia can buy it. You definitely should - the magazine has been going for 20 years and features some of the best writing and reviews around, online or off. 

As for other writing projects, I have a feature that will be going up next week on a very popular site. Red Dead Redemption fans will be pleased.

In the meantime, I'm on the ground for E3. Over the next several days I'll be writing pieces on previews and hands-on experiences, which will appear at Games.On.Net. Then, more long-form analysis and interviews will be published in Hyper over the next several months. 

Now, only five more hours until I can sleep.