A little more writing


A little less this month, but perhaps one of the most important interviews of my career so far - a sit-down chat with Nintendo global president and CEO, Satoru Iwata. 

When I arrived at E3 this year, I had my schedule all set out for me. See a game here, another there. A few interviews lined up and perhaps some surprise answers along the way. I was expecting a fun but fairly straight-forward time. It's the way these things are run. 

Being given the opportunity to interview Iwata - a process I won't detail - was completely unexpected. I owe a lot to Nintendo's local public relations, and Hyper editor Dan Wilkinson. 

All this is to say, the current issue of HYPER - issue #239 - features my interview with Iwata. There are a few fairly candid remarks in there, although nothing Earth-shattering.

At the very least, it was my first chance to interview someone of his prominence, importance and stature. He was very gracious for his time, and I learned a lot. Not only about himself, but the interview process as well,.

But for the rest, you'll need to read my interview. 

And until next time...