Religion, freelancing and more at Pax Aus

For the second time, it's here. Hooray! 

I had a great time at Pax last year, despite the reputation of its founders, and I'm glad to see that in the past year some of the efforts they've put in to making the con a more welcoming place have been well received.

All that is to say, I won't just be a lonely media drone at this year's convention. I'll actually be saying things! Things that don't make sense and you probably don't care about, but still, things! Come check out my panels if you want. 

I may or may not have candy.

What They Won't Tell You About Working in Videogames

Friday, October 31 - 8pm, Kookaburra Theatre

A lot of people want to work in games, but they don't know much about what goes on behind the scenes. I'm joining a panel of developers, PR peeps and others to talk about how the industry really works. I hope to give a journalist's perspective.

Freelancing like a Pro: More than just about the writing

Saturday, November 1 - 12pm, Dropbear Theatre

I meet a lot of young writers who want to up their game but don't really know how. Truth is, there's a lot more that goes into freelancing than just writing. Me and a bunch of other writers are going to tell you what's what!

Spiritual Warfare: Religion and Spirituality in Video Games

Sunday, November 2 - 3pm, Dropbear Theatre

I'm really excited about this one - I'll be moderating a panel on religious games. They're terrible, but why? Why are they often so bad? Are there are any religious games that are actually any good? Come to our panel and find out! 

Hope to see anyone and everyone there this weekend.