The emotionally-volatile process of writing a feature - a story in GIFs

First, you come up with the idea. And it's the best idea in the world.

Then, drunk on your sense of self-righteousness, you think you're the most clever person for thinking up something that, probably, 20 other people are working on right now. 

But you can't stop there! Now comes the hard part of pitching. So you write your email. 

And in your head, you think it comes off all cool like this:

But really...

But success! The editor has mercy on you and commissions your story. 

Of course, now you actually sit down to write the thing and realise you don't have enough material. 

Now you get to sweet talk that PR rep you love to hate. 

Except you suck at it. 

Then in the interview which took forever to set up, your recorder stops working and the interviewee is all-

Then comes the fun part! In which your feelings about the feature go from:

To this:

Then, finally, to this: 

Oh, and because you were doing this instead of writing...

...your editor responds like this to an extension request...


Except here comes the editor with his revisions, kinda looking something like this: 

And they just happened to edit out your favourite part - the part that ENCOMPASSES THE WHOLE FEELING OF THE PIECE, MAAAAAN.

But finally, it's up online. And it looks GREAT...except for that typo. 

But hey, you're a super-duper published writer! 

There's just one question left - do you read the comments?