June writing update

Some cool-looking Magic: The Gathering art. Appropriate for this month's writing. 

Some cool-looking Magic: The Gathering art. Appropriate for this month's writing. 

A whole bunch of crap has come out since I made my last update. Most of it I'm pretty proud of! 

First up, I wrote a feature for Polygon - my third - about the Lost Levels "unconference" which is held adjacent to GDC. This year was the second it ran. It was good to cover something not necessarily put into mainstream press, so, yay for that. Also, any opportunity to write for Polygon is a good thing.

(Also, today saw the news Russ Pitts is leaving Polygon as features editor. One of the best editors I've ever worked for, for what my opinion is worth.)

Second, I wrote a feature on Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield up on Eurogamer. I'm a fairly regular Magic player and now Netrunner player as well. Given Richard doesn't pop up in media too often it was good to speak with him and hear a different side to a man many people in games claim as a genius.

Also, I have a few things in the current editions of Hyper and PCPowerPlay. In Hyper I have a round-up of GDC, and in PC PowerPlay a preview of SOMA, and a couple of other games.

*deep breath*

Here's a big one. I interviewed Ashly Burch and Rosalind Wiseman about their talk at GDC on boys who bully in videogames for The Atlantic. Particularly, boys who bully and why they feel compelled to lash out in that way. My first piece for the publication, too, which makes me feel more than a little chuffed. The piece got a great response. 

That's it for the writing side, but I have appeared on a couple of podcasts. I jumped on the Christ and Pop Culture podcast to speak about my Atlantic article, and also on the Hyper PixelCast to talk about the games I've been playing lately and a lively chat about protagonists.

That's it for this month! I just had a son so I'll be taking it easy for a few weeks. All things going well I'll be back into the swing of things soon enough.