Crafting Podcast: Laura Parker

I’m a big fan of Laura Parker’s work, so it was a great treat to have her on the latest edition on the Crafting Podcast.

Laura is the associate editor of GameSpot AU, where she has written a number of features on fascinating topics, ranging from biometric testing to more complicated issues like sexism in gaming. She’s also been a key voice in the R18+ debate in the Australian media.

Please have a listen to the podcast, in which we discuss Laura’s history as a reporter for newspapers, magazines – even a stint as a cop reporter. We also delve into a number of topics about writing, including why you should always love writing more than the topic you’re writing about.

As always, you’ll find the streaming feed and a direct download link below. Also, the Crafting Podcast is now on iTunes – check it out here!

Check out the direct download here.

You can follow Laura on Twitter at @lauralovescake. You should check out some of her writing at GameSpot – like this feature here on biometric testing.