Crafting Podcast: Russ Pitts

Russ Pitts has been writing in the games industry for a long time, but he has a much deeper and more interesting history.After studying to be an English teacher, Pitts has worked in various theatre companies, at Tech TV and at The Escapist, where he spearheaded the site’s video content and was eventually editor-in-chief.

Now, he’s the features editor at Polygon – overseeing a section which has arguably helped form the site’s overall tone. The general consensus is that Polygon publishes good features, (and I’m not just saying that because they’ve published some of mine!

Russ and I spoke for an hour about his education, his time at The Escapist and Polygon, and what makes a good feature – along with advice on what makes a bad one.

As always, you can download the episode directly from here, or stream the episode below. You can also access the iTunes page here.